The Shattered Ring

Trouble on Turbine

From the Log of the Dragonfire, dedicated to the service of The Conference of Worlds

During a routine transport exercise on Heorot, The Dragonfire received a communique from Lady Diedra, a Helium Lords of Turbine, requesting the diplomatic intervention of The Conference of Worlds in a situation that had arisen on Turbine itself. The crew of the Dragonfire elected to respond with all possible haste and immediately set a course for the Turbine slipgate.

Upon arrival in the Turbine system, further communications with Lady Diedra established that the city-ship Middlepyre, one of the great gas-trawlers of Turbine, had gone into lockdown and was ignoring all communication, with automated messages threatening aggressive action against any approaching vessel. After announcing her presence and intended mission to the Helium Lords, the Dragonfire set about establishing the facts of the situation and exploring the possibility of a diplomatic solution to the problem. These efforts were led by Brett Langford, established diplomat in the service of the Conference.

Diplomatic efforts proved unhelpful, with a hastily-convened conference aboard the Dragonfire gaining no real ground, other than demonstrating the legendary obtuseness of the Helium Lords themselves, although a hint of suspected deeper involvement from Lady Diedra herself was gleaned. Finding no real benefit in further discussion, the crew of the Dragonfire elected to take immediate direct action and land four agents – Gippath of Radagash, Zabrek Keppler and Dan’s-Character-Here on Middlepyre to establish the facts of the situation, with Brett Langford taking command of the expedition. To placate the Helium Lords themselves, it was agreed that four randomly-selected retainers would be permitted to accompany the expedition.

The mission made its initial departure from the Dragonfire aboard the native interface craft Flametongue as soon as the attending retainers had been selected. On approaching the Middlepyre, a communication was received informing the Flametongue that it would be fired upon if it approached Middlepyre. Trusting in the ability of the Dragonfire to provide defensive measures, the Flametongue continued its approach. The Middlepyre fired one salvo of defensive missiles, but electronic countermeasures were taken (led with exceptional success by Terrent Crescent) by the Dragonfire and no damage was reported. Following this and the temporary disabling of the Middlepyre’s defensive armaments, the Flametongue moved in close to deploy the expeditionary force on the upper face of the Trawler-city, as the primary docking ports had been sealed against them. On receiving a communication from Lord Tarsus, the ruler of Middlepyre, informing the party of a potential bomb threat and ordering them to retreat, the party decided to attempt infiltration. This decision was taken under the suspicion (later vindicated) that Lord Tarsus was not acting of his own free will.

The party landed safely on the upper face of the city-ship, and after disabling an airlock made its way inside. Moving swiftly and stealthily through the corridors of Middlepyre, the party disabled a pair of guards at the entrance to the central core of the ship before being observed by security measures from within the core. The party cut the locks of the blast doors protecting the core to open the door, at which point the confrontation evidently became somewhat confusing as reports are not entirely clear on the sequence of events. During this time, one of the accompanying retainers was disabled, a number of defending guards within were suppressed but not disabled, and negotiations were entered with a member of the Knights Atomic of Purgatory, who had assumed control of the city-ship and captured Lord Tarsus. After further negotiations had taken place, the raiding party forced entry to the ship’s core. At approximately this time, an explosion was registered elsewhere aboard the Middlepyre. It is, at present, unknown what damage this caused and what the extent of the casualties resulting were.

The commander of the Knights Atomic was slain during the capture of the core, his attendants escaping, but one of the Purgatorian intruders succeeded in entering the core ship, an artifact of The First. His status remains unknown, but the core ship has now taken to revolving at a high velocity, potentially causing damage to the central systems of Middlepyre. The emissary of the Knowers accompanying the expeditionary force was unable to seize control of the core ship, and so the party – now having freed Lord Tarsus – decided to order the evacuation of Middlepyre for the safety of the civilian population, and to retreat to The Dragonfire to observe proceedings from a distance.

The mission continues.



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