The Shattered Ring

Trouble on Turbine (continued)

Following the evacuation of Middlepyre, there was a flurry of debate over what do do about it’s situation. The Knowers favored outright destruction, while Lady Diedra and Lord Tarsus among others wanted to look for a different solution.

Agents of Conference of Worlds decided to to attempt contact with the technician in the core ship and once again boarded the Middlepyre. Contact was established, and it was discovered the technician was in fact a Lensian expert on The First called Fass, who had been working reluctantly with the Knights Atomic.

Fass expressed concern about leaving the ship on the grounds that three of the Knights Atomic from the original boarding party were still at large. Eventually an arrangement was come to wherein a large body of Lady Diedra‘s retainers would arrive at the core ship and safely escort Fass to the Lodestone under her protection. At Lord Tarsus’ insistence, his own retainers were secretly placed aboard ship as well in case plans went awry.

On the arrival of Lady Diedra’s retainers, agreements did in fact go awry. Instead of leaving the ship, Fass instead merely opened the door, while the retainers began throwing supplies through to him. At this point, the Conference of Worlds agents arranging the deal called in Lord Tarsus’ men and escaped the Middlepyre after a brief firefight. The skirmish between retainers continued for a half hour, with Lady Diedra’s eventually surrendering. By then however the core ship doors had been resealed and the ship spun up again.

In the aftermath, the Conference agents made contact with the remaining Knights Atomic who suggested Lady Diedra might have been behind their original attempt to take the Middlepyre. Between this and the sudden reversal in supplying rather escorting off Fass, it was decided immediate punitive action was necessary if Lady Diedra would not turn herself over to the Conference. As she did not, the Dragonfire commenced firing on the Lodestone’s mining scoops, after a short warning. Lady Diedra claimed that non-lodestone personnel were being held there in an effort to prevent the attack, and this was apparently the case. Roughly 30 people were killed in the bombardment.

Before leaving, the crew of the Dragonfire also brokered an arrangement between Lord Tarsus and Fass over control of the Middlepyre. under the arrangement Fass would attempt to minimize damage to the Middlepyre and keep it on profitable courses, while being allowed to continue research. The doors to the core ship have yet to be opened, but given neither side wants the Middlepyre destroyed a successful outcome seems likely.

The Dragonfire also left carrying the three Knights Atomic, with the crew still negotiating with them to provide testimony against Lady Diedra.



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