Brett Langford

Celebrity ambassador and movie star


Homeworld: Lens


  • Grew up in a primitive culture
  • Creative parents
  • A talent for acting
  • Big break with RING Studios
  • Take refuge in my work
  • Zabrak is my stunt double
  • Well known face
  • Action Star
  • Celebrity ambassador
  • “But I played one on TV…”

Rank 5 skills

  • Charm

Rank 4 Skills

  • Profession (actor)
  • Brawling

Rank 3 Skills

  • Assets
  • Arts
  • Agility

Rank 2 Skills

Rank 1 Skills

  • Vehicles
  • Stamina
  • Resolve
  • Intimidation
  • Animal handling


  • Skill replacement – Charm for Resolve
  • Lucky
  • Military grade actor

Stress tracks

  • Health OOOO
  • Composure OOOOOO
  • Wealth OOOOO


  • Revolver
  • Penknife
  • Cool shades

Born on the backwater world of Lens, Brett Langford was immersed that that world’s artistic values from an early age. Having a painter for a mother and a composer for a father probably helped – Brett himself quickly showed an early talent for acting and soon after leaving school made his d├ębut as a professional performer on the stage.

His charisma and talent quickly attracted attention, and he moved on to radio and then television work – still a fairly new phenomenon on Lens at the time. It was there that he attracted the attention of a talent scout from RING Studios, the 3D movie-making arm of the offworld Rosetta Group.

After a couple of well-received supporting roles he was cast as co-star in the film A Bullet for Two, playing rookie cop Charlie Dane alongside veteran actor Rob Greenwood. The film was a commercial and critical success, not just on Lens but throughout the Shattered Ring cluster, and catapulted Brett to instant stardom at the age of just 22.

A number of other acclaimed roles followed, including his portrayal of freedom fighter Don Haverage in Beneath the Banyan, and an award-winning part as archaeologist Marcus de Ritter in the sci-fi blockbuster Weapons of Time.

However as Brett’s fame and reputation grew so did the attention from the press and paparazzi – although he enjoyed meeting genuine fans, Brett disliked the media circus that followed his every move. The opportunity to escape the attention came during the filming for Weapons of Time, which was partly shot on location in the Sundered Ring.

Brett discovered that he enjoyed the opportunity to escape the press, and the enclosed environment on board Slipstream ships gave him the opportunity to concentrate on his acting without too many distractions. He was also fascinated by the worlds and cultures present in the cluster, and expanded his range and versatility to reflect the inhabitants and viewpoints of other planets.

Signing a further contract with RING studios, with a stipulation that he be heavily involved in on-location shoots and productions, Brett spent the next five years travelling to different places in the cluster. During this period he played his most enduring roles – the spy Jack Quinn in The Hard Sky, and the android Pica in Ring of the Gods.

Meanwhile his isolated homeworld remained desperate for any further contact with the cluster, and when the newly-formed Conference of Worlds asked for a representative from Lens to join, it was suggested that Brett would be an ideal candidate due to his popularity. Brett was approached by representatives of the Lens government, and readily agreed, sensing an opportunity to help his home, and the cluster as a whole.

The Conference of Worlds itself is equally delighted to have the famed Brett Langford as it’s public face, bringing much-needed attention and legitimacy to the under-funded organisation.

Brett Langford

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