Lady Diedra

Helium Lord of Turbine


One of the seventy-four ruling Helium Lords of Turbine, Lady Diedra controls the trawler-ship Lodestone. She is a canny politician, and the power and influence wielded by her house has grown under her guiding hand. Alliances with other Helium Lords have seen her emerge as one of the main powers on Turbine.

It is an open secret that she is not a strict follower of the religion of the Knowers, and has expressed on more than one occasion a wish for a more scientific approach towards the minuscule city-ship cores. Privately she has stated she would prefer the Knowers to be removed from power entirely and the cores to be under the control of the Lords of each city-ship. This viewpoint has led to rocky relations with the Knowers and they, together with the more religiously inclined Helium Lords, are her most vocal opposition on Turbine.

Lady Diedre is widow who has two children of adult age, a son Alden and a daughter Selena. Her eldest child, a daughter named Dimone, was killed in mysterious circumstances on the city-ship Middlepyre approximately ten years ago. Rumours abounded at the time of Dimone’s possible involvement in espionage or even sabotage on behalf of her mother, but no reliable evidence was ever brought forward. Neither Lady Dierda or Lord Tarsus, the ruler of Middlepyre, have ever publicly commented the circumstances surrounding Dimone’s death.

Lady Diedra may have overstepped herself after the Capture of Middlepyre, when accusations were made that she masterminded the plot, and even that her actions led to the committing of war crimes. Subsequent demands by The Conference of Worlds that she be handed into their custody were ignored, which then resulted in the destruction of Lodestone’s gas-scoops by the Conference of Worlds vessel Dragonfire as a punitive measure.

It remains to be seen whether she can remain in control of Lodestone after the crippling of its economic capability, and loss of trust amongst the other Lords of Turbine due to her actions in the affair. The fact that she used family members of several other Lords as human shields in an attempt to protect the gas-scoops will also not have made her any friends. In addition a substantial Conference of Worlds bounty for her capture will not help her political survival.

Lady Diedra

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