RB3 (Rebecca Free)

Roetgren cloning line, Bodyguard Model 3


Rebecca Free is a product of bio-science, genetically engineered to be strong, quick witted, agile and aesthetically pleasing to VIP’s. She is relatively tall for a Parian clone, who are usually built short and stocky, she has a lithe grace and powerful limbs. Her bright red hair was a stipulated partof the design contract as the clinet wished to have a striking bodyguard.She wears blue tinted shades that work as ballistic glasses and as a Heads-up-Display. She tends to wear Conference of Worlds fatigues, festooned with pockets and equipment.

Homeworld: Pariah


  • Seed of Dissent
  • Double Life
  • Follows her Heart
  • Actions of Conscience
  • Public Disgrace
  • Benefactor from Heorot
  • 4 Years Left
  • Reason to Live
  • Building a new life
  • Perfect Protector

Rank 5 skills

  • Brawling

Rank 4 skills

  • Slug Throwers
  • Stamina

Rank 3 skills

  • Charm
  • Intimidation
  • Resolve

Rank 2 skills

  • Alertness
  • Close Combat
  • Energy Weapons
  • Stealth

Rank 1 skills

  • Beaurocracy
  • Communications
  • Tactics
  • Profession: Childcare
  • Survival


  • Military Grade Brawling
  • Integral Claws
  • Skill Substitution – Agility replaced by Brawling


  • Laser pistol (Hadrian C pattern)
  • Combat knife (Parian standard Issue)
  • HUD shades.
  • Light armour

RB3 was designed and grown by the Roetgren Cloning Consortium, her mother was an RM6 (Roetgren cloning line, Mother Model 6). Her model was designed for VIP bodyguarding duties, with a durable yet aesthetic frame, quick witted with a relatively high intellect. She matured quickly like all clones on Pariah, passing into the automatic institutions that educate and nurture the clones through their five year eductions.

During her training she gained access to the off-limits sections of her training computer, thanks to the sloppy security protocols of her supervisors, and adjusted her teaching AI parameters so that it would follow her orders. She learned of other worlds, other cultures and other duties that would have otherwise been forbidden to her. She gained somehting many of her contempories lacked, yearning and desire accompanied by a romantic steak a mile long. When her frame had finally matured she was fitted with her back up weapons, Retractable claws, which were stored in her forearms and could egress through panels in her hands.

After her five year of training, she had matured into what would be considered a 20 year old woman on other worlds, and was given her first assignement. She became the bodyguard of a middle class diplomat and trader, the son of an influential high ranking clone. But her romantic streak soon betrayed her, she became the mistress and lover of this man. During negotiations with some representatives from the Svitter Consortium she overheard her lovers plans to sell soldier clones to the mercenaries. She balked at the idea of her brothers and sisters fighting for Svitter and resolved to bring the negotiations to a satisfactory conclusion. She manufactured a standoff and started a gunfight, in the ensuing melee she killed the svitter representatives but her ward was also mortally wounded.

RB3 returned to Pariah but her mission was a failure, she was no longer allowed to bodyguard high ranking officials. Her superiors offered her services to the Conference of worlds, thinking this would be an effective demotion, but she secretly leapt at the chance. During this period she discovered she had become pregnant with her lovers illegitimate child. Knowing that she would have a limited lifespan she aproached a Heoroti Captain, who served the conference and begged him to take on the illegitimate child of a rebellious Parian clone into his house. She gave birth to her child aboard his vessel, but not before the disgruntled Parian leadership sent an attacking squadron to intercept them. The ship was badly damaged but the ship was saved by the timely actions of members of the conference of worlds and they escaped.

One she had returned to the conference of world, she entrusted her child to the heoroti until she could be sure she could devote her life to her child. She set out to find a scientist who could unravel her genetic code nad maybe even find a solution. Her answer came in the form of a Handsome scientist from Tranquil, Zabrek Keppler. He became engrossed in her problem, the two spent so much time together he christened her Rebecca, and doubt began to surface about their relationship. Eventually his own relationship was danmaged by their quest, as his lover returned to Lens.

Rebecca has now learnt she has four year left to live, but she is determined that she will find a way to outlast her pre-programmed destiny and ensure a life for her child. In the mean-time she is still a product of the best of Parian science and military training, and the conference of worlds still needs her.

RB3 (Rebecca Free)

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