Terrent Crescent

A native of a Micro-G environment, Terrent Crescent (surname adopted, last names are confusingly not used on Crescent) has traveled the cluster accumulating many enemies.

Rank 5:


Rank 4:


Rank 3:


Rank 2:

Culture/tech ([Crescent], Heorot, Zvitta)

Rank 1:

Energy Weapons


Arts and Crafts are A Waste of Time
The Gremlin
Master Duty Shirker
Permanently Dishonored
Pay Back Lord Amer
You didn’t tell me NOT to hack it…
There is Always a Hiding Place
Milk it for all it’s worth
Stay one step ahead


Military-grade Assets
Stealth as Art (Loot assessment and forgery)
Has a Thing: Motorized Planet-Suit (seal-able cargo handler)


Hand computer
Motorized Planet-Suit/pressure suit
Pulse Laser Pack
Velcro Shoes


Terrent is exceptionally tall, gangly, and frail in appearance. His face is tattooed with a bar-code as well as elaborate Heoroti symbols.


Terrent was born on crescent, where he was trained in the family business of wood carving. Bored and frustrated with his life on Crescent, at 13 he stowed away on Zvitta inter-system transport. Eventually he was he was found, and the captain sentenced him to 10 years indentured servitude (this also entailed receiving a bar-code tattoo, designed as only removable by Zvitta).

Terrent soon found shipboard life much worse than what he had left behind on Crescent. Acceleration periods were miserable, and almost every waking hour was filled with menial tasks. Nonetheless, he did eventually gain a close understanding of the ship’s workings, and discovered skills in manipulating the ship’s sub AIs that managed his routine. Eventually this too was discovered when it became obvious tasks were not being completed. By this point however, Terrent had become so familiar with the ship and it’s systems he was able to elude capture for months. Eventually the captain gave up and deliberately left an airlock docked with a Heoroti station unguarded to be rid of the gremlin.

On Heorot, survival proved quite easy. There was plenty food and minor conveniences to go around, acquiring them barely counted as stealing. After becoming comfortable though, Terrent set his sights higher. His plan to acquire a jeweled masterwork motorbike went off without a hitch, but he was quickly turned in attempting to sell it (punishment was fairly light, simply another set of taboos spelling dishonor). Next time, Terrent was more careful and sold only through dead drops. While he was cheated many times, he was not caught. In the end it was a slip of the tongue to the eccentric Lord Amer (one of Terrent’s few Heoroti friends, naturally unaware or at least willfully unaware of his profession) that led him once again into custody. This time the punishment was being shipped off world to a prison mine. Fortunately for Terrent, the prison ship was attacked in route in a surprising Conference of Worlds raid to free a political prisoner, and Terrent managed to convince Zabrack to free him and his cellmate to aid them.

Terrent’s status once aboard the rescuing ship Dragonfire was quite nebulous. Thus, it was lucky for him that the ship was shortly engaged in combat in the Pariah system, where he was able to prove his worth by (without authorization) detaching the ship’s cargo compartments he had rigged as decoys. The ship successfully escaped, and the Heoroti aboard were reluctantly honourbound to speak in his favor when it returned to the Conference.

After being accepted into the service of the Conference, Terrent found he had several advantages. As the only native of Crescent to reach the conference, he was able to claim the seat as emissary. Not only did this grant some diplomatic immunity, it offered a surprising degree of power as he could bluff the positions of Crescent to be whatever suited him. Even with his new power though, Terrent frequently uses his leverage to get assigned on ships to do what he originally left Crescent for- see the cluster.

Terrent Crescent

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