Zabrek Keppler

A young emissary from Tranquil to the Conference, Zabrek is torn between his home culture and the freedom of the Cluster


Zabrek is a clean-shaven young man of middling height with the short, black hair common amongst natives of the Jardin system. His adopted style of dress deviates radically from the conservative fashions favoured by most Jardinains, and marks him out as a regular traveller. He wears a long, high-necked black coat festooned with buttons, pockets and pouches, such as are favoured on Lens, with substantial working-boots and loose working trousers. A satchel hangs from his shoulders. Closer observation will reveal the crude and functional pistol he wears at one hip, and the pair of beautiful matched knives at the other.

Tranquil (Jardin System)
Rank 5:

Culture / Tech (Sekothai, Zvitter Worlds, Sundered Ring, Heorot, Turbine)

Rank 4:


Rank 3:


Rank 2:

Close Combat

Rank 1:

Computer (Space)

  • Born into Turmoil
  • Raised as a Renegade
  • Brilliant Bioengineer
  • Cluster over Cloister
  • I love Elenah to the End
  • Rebecca needs me
  • Atlantean Deck-Fighting
  • Friendship Forged in Blood
  • Conflicting Loyalties – Home or the Heavens
  • Fondness for Sekothai Smoke-Brandy
  • Have-a-Thing: Heaven-forged Knives
  • Skill Substitution (Brawling → Micro-Gravity)
  • Skill Substitution (Brawling → Agility)
  • Portable Database of Biotechnological Information
  • Velcro Shoes
  • Heaven-Forged Knives (Harm 1, Range 0, Pen 2, Tech 2 – Transfer Aspect: Heaven-Forged Knives)
  • Satchel with assorted gear (vials, papers, pens, half-eaten sandwich etc).
  • Medical Equipment (First Aid Kit and assorted others)
  • Lensite Coat
  • Hadrian H-22 Pistol (Harm 1, Range 0-2, Pen 0, Tech 0 – Concealable, Civilan, Zvitter-Make)

Born to Jardinain parents in the employ of a Zvitter plantation on Emmer, Zabrak Keppler’s early years were marked by the outbreak of serious unrest with the behaviour of the Zvitter Consortium interests on the agri-worlds of the Jardin system. Due to the troubles, Zabrak never visited the world of Jardin (like many of his generation), leaving him feeling somewhat hollow towards a venerated world that he does not know. As riots consumed the plantations, Zabrak’s parents decided to abandon their pacifist culture and joined the separatist faction, the Order of Tranquility, in their flight to Tranquil. Zabrak’s late youth was spent exploring the crystalline walls of his new home and longing for another view of the sky and the stars.

Zabrak excelled at scientific studies, and swiftly joined the ranks of the distinguished bio-engineers of Tranquil. Completing his training in his early twenties, Zabrak was offered a unique choice by the elders of the Order of Tranquility: He could work in a lab on Tranquil, amongst his peers and youthful companions, manufacturing germ-weapons for the insurgency against the Zvitter colonies, or he could be sent as part of the delegation Tranquil was delivering to the newly-formed Conference of Worlds in the Sundered Ring system. Zabrak, who had never felt at home in the artificial world of Tranquil’s protective city-domes, accepted the offer without hesitation, and left Tranquil as a young man eager to see the Cluster.

Zabrak found that the cosmopolitan life of The Sundered Ring suited him very well, even if the environment did not. The wealth of experiences and cultures he was introduced to profoundly shaped his worldview, and the first cracks began to form in his loyalty to the Order of Tranquility. During his time with the Conference of Worlds, Zabrak met a young scientist from Lens named Elenah, and swiftly fell for her. Together, they set out to explore the cluster and to work for the common good in the name of the Conference of Worlds. This was Zabrak’s happiest time, but it sadly was not to last. An emissary to the cluster of worlds – or rather, a refugee from Pariah – contacted him and asked for his help. Rebecca was a clone who had become pregnant, and not only was she concerned about her own impending and artifically-determined death, but the possibility that her child would be afflicted with the same condition. Zabrek set to work on examining Rebecca’s genetic code for clues on the secrets of the cloners of Pariah, and became fast friends with her. It was this friendship that was to be Zabrak’s undoing, however, for rumours filtered back to Elenah’s parents that Zabrak’s relationship with Rebecca was more than mere friendship. They immediately had her recalled to Lens, leaving Zabrak torn – without him, Rebecca might die before seeing her child to adulthood, and the tragically short lifespan of the clone might be passed to the next generation. He chose to stay, but intends to follow Elenah to Lens as soon as circumstances permit.

Following the departure of Elenah, Zabrak undertook increasingly risky missions for the Conference, and requested training in a number of martial arts. His favoured style a the brutal form of Atlantean Deck-Fighting. At some point during this period, Zabrak acquired two Heaven-forged Knives, beautiful artefacts from the finest of Heorot‘s artisans. He declines to comment on the provenance of the knives, although given the lack of external interests in them (beyond wealthy potential buyers) it seems likely that they are legitimately his through some means. Zabrak’s training and impressive armaments served him well during a raid the Conference undertook on an illegal prison transport ship that was shipping a registered Sekothai diplomat to Gilgamesh. During the heavy fighting on board, Zabrak freed and befriended a Crescentite prisoner Terrent, with whose assistance he helped secure the release of the diplomat, thus solidifying their camaraderie.

Today, Zabrak is a torn man. He recently received a stern letter of recall to Tranquil, which has pulled out of the Conference of Worlds, but Zabrak has too many friends and ties in the Cluster to return to his oppressive, isolationist homeworld. He feels the ties of duty and friendship pulling him in opposite directions, and he longs to find Elenah above all else. This tension has led him to turn to drink, and he has a particular fondness for Sekothai Smoke-Brandy.

Zabrek Keppler

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