Ground-to-orbit shuttle


The Flametongue gives striking contrast to its parent vehicle, The Dragonfire, which it serves as sole interface vehicle. Where the Dragonfire is designed with utility and the practicalities of long space voyages in mind, the Flametongue is built primarily for atmospheric flight and is a beauty to behold.

The distinctive sweeping, elegant wingspan sported by the Flametongue allows it to ‘feather’ through planetary atmospheres, a slower, less brutal means of descent than hard drops preferred by the bulkier Zvitter shuttles common throughout the cluster. The same span provides the substantial lift the vehicle needs to perform the ascent and return to orbit, with powerful supplementary thrusters providing the final assistance to complete the climb. A relatively awkward flier outside of a planetary atmospheres, relying mostly on inefficient manoeuvring thrusters, the Flametongue’s wings are folded when they are beyond use to reduce the risk of snags and to better facilitate docking with spacecraft and installations.

Once the Flametongue reaches atmosphere it is truly in its element. In every line it is a Heoroti craft, the design driven with a balance of beauty and action in mind. Although it cannot match a planetary interceptor for speed and agility, it is far from lacking in any aspect. The frame – a masterpiece of Radagash engineering – is of sufficient strength to withstand the stresses inflicted upon it by the impressive aerobatics that Heoroti craft are so frequently required to undergo.


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