Alexandra Ores

A division of the Zvitter Consortium, Alexandra Ores is one of the largest mining concerns working the Mines of Gilgamesh. Unlike other Zvitter corporations in the same location, the company has a relatively good reputation as an employer, using a Zvitter workforce instead of clones from Pariah.

So far this atypical approach to employees has paid off – the experienced miners have considerable technical expertise which has allowed them to alter the orbits of massive, mineral rich chunks of Foden’s Folly. By getting material already in space, rather than incurring the energy costs of entering a gravity well, Alexandra Ores has held a small but significant competitive advantage over the cheaper but less highly trained clones workers of other companies.

However it in unclear how much longer this advantage will continue – as chunks of Gilgamesh V continue to collide, larger pieces are becoming harder and harder to acquire, while the debris risk increases for Alexandra Ore’s tugs. The board is currently under pressure to either reduce costs by using clone workers, or continue to mine Foden’s Folly despite the higher risk to the corporation’s personnel.

The company also has a significant presence in Rama orbit, shepherding icy ring fragments for onward transport Jardin.

Alexandra Ores

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