Anvil is an inhabited moon of the gas giant Forge. The system as a whole lacks any elements heavier than calcium, meaning those who settled there have had to survive with only the metals they brought with them and what few they have managed to import. The people live in artificial biomes constructed at the time of the moon’s settlement, divided into five complexes. The complexes are completely self-contained, and everything is recycled.

Without expendable metal, innovation and construction are impossible, and the people have been at the same state of technology as the day the world was settled. In recent years, the belief has caught on that if they don’t start to develop beyond their moon, Anvil will crumble, but the only source of materials for such a project would be to cannibalise one of the complexes, for which nobody volunteers. Many feel that war between the complexes is an inevitability, but with the construction of weaponry being a massive consumption of metal, the people can do nothing but live in fear of their neighbours.

Other than the cold war, the people of Anvil live in comfort. Anvil technology is designed to be both robust and recyclable, so while computers are common, many have been inherited from their owners’ grandparents or great-grandparents. With the capacity to build more extremely limited, only critical systems are automated, such as those handling the electronic currency or life support. Limited space results in a stable population that is nonetheless always a little more than can be sustained; those few outsiders who do visit the world will often leave with more people than when they came.

Technology Rating: 0
Environment Rating: -1
Resources Rating: -2

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  • Self-contained society with a shortage of metal
  • Political Tension
  • Desperate for Contact


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