Hubs and routes of trade

The foundation of all interstellar commerce in the cluster is the Great Circle trade route. Worlds on the Great Circle tend to be the wealthiest and most connected – these include the worlds of the Zvitter Consortium, Heorot, and Turbine.

Outlier worlds tend to be poorer and less connected – in particular the worlds only connected to the Great Circle via Purgatory are difficult to reach due to frequent attacks on ships travelling through that system by the Knights Atomic.

The general commercial characteristics of each system are listed below:

World Imports Exports Trade hub?
Anvil (1) none none no
Atlantis (1) none none no
Babylon mining equipment, workers minerals, advanced
technology (salvaged)
Crescent (1) none none no
Heorot energy quality manufactured goods,
advanced technology
Jardin water, manufactured goods food, biologicals no
Lens advanced technology media no
Pariah advanced technology cloned workers no
Purgatory (2) none none no
Sekothai energy, manufactured goods water no
The Sundered Ring manufactured goods, food, water,
raw materials, energy, workers
advanced technology (salvaged) yes
Turbine food, water, raw materials,
manufactured goods
energy, chemicals no
Zvitter workers, raw materials,
energy, food
manufactured goods,
advanced technology
  1. Minor imports and exports take place too and from these worlds, when starship captains take the risk of travelling through Purgatory. This commerce does not form a significant part of the interstellar trade network.
  2. Purgatory is isolationist and theoretically refuses to take part in trade with the rest of the cluster. However a considerable black market exists, especially for advanced weapon imports, and fugitives who wish to leave the planet. There is evidence to suggest the authorities turn a blind eye to ongoing smuggling operations as and when it suits their purposes.

Hubs and routes of trade

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