Jardin is a system with four major planets. Tranquil suffers raging storms and rains of sulphuric acid across its seas of liquid methane. Barley and Emmer grow crops in their rich soil and feed much of the cluster, wanting only for water. The world of Jardin itself is a sacred temple to the Jardinains, guarded by a layer of corrosive toxic clouds in the upper atmosphere and zealously defended by the inhabitants from interlopers.

The Sethokai-Jardin run, trading water for food, is a cornerstone of the Zvitter Consortium. Water is all that is needed to make Barley and Emmer tremendously productive in foodstuffs, and indeed they are responsible for feeding much of the cluster. But Zwitter plantations are not well regarded by the locals, though avowed pacifists, ecological and economic abuses have strained the Jardinain’s principles. A guerrilla organization based on Tranquil is determined to oust Zvitter, though they have little to work with apart from the beginnings of bio-weapon research. On Jardin itself the efforts of the guerrillas is generally seen as misguided.

Technology Rating: 0
Resource Rating: 1
Environment Rating: 2

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  • Jardin is Sacred
  • Suffering Zvitter Colonialism
  • Separatists on Tranquil produce bio-weapons
  • Import water, export food

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Tranquil Separatists


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