The world of Lens orbits The Eye, a violent binary star. The inhabitants of Lens live amidst the ruins of The First and eke out their secrets. A peaceful backwater overshadowed by noisy neighbours, Lens has been mostly overlooked by the rest of the cluster. In recent years it has experienced an enlightenment of sorts, discovering that the systems that provided for its people – particularly liquid water which the planet otherwise critically lacks – have logical and scientific processes, rendering the mystical worship of them obsolete. This realisation sparked an age of discovery for the people of Lens.
With physical labour mostly unnecessary thanks to technology left by the First, Lens specializes in intellectual pursuits before all else and exports inquisitive minds to the cluster. Visitors to the world will often find themselves admired by its people, but will likely find the incessant questions tiresome. This is the only thing that mars what is otherwise a quiet, beautiful backwater as a tourist destination.

Technology Rating: -2
Resource Rating: -1
Environment Rating: +1

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  • Amidst high-tech ruins
  • Spirit of Discovery
  • Vibrant backwater, great research


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