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The Ring Cluster

Known Systems

(Note: Let’s break this out of being a list of significant worlds and make it into a list of systems – i.e. Jardin is a world in a system of multiple worlds, so the “Known System” is technically the Jardin system, and each world should have a page. Lens is in the “Eye System”.)

Major Worlds

(Note from Alf: I think we will just list the major hubs and trade centers here – as distinct from their systems, which often contain other interesting worlds that are less major).

(I want to split this from the systems to maximize the space for interesting adventures, just for clarification – i.e. the moons of Turbine have not been clarified, and they may be interesting environments in their own rights).

Minor Worlds

(No offense meant to anyone’s worlds)

*(Not actually a world, per se).







Main Page

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