Pariah is an up-and-coming clone based power in the cluster. Stuck in stagnation for an untold time due to a lack of minerals on planet, the people of Pariah have finally broken into space and are exploiting the system’s mineral rich asteroids. The mining, as most tasks in Pariah, is accomplished by a conditioned cloned work force that appears highly loyal despite extremely low life expectancy and quality of life. The rulers of Pariah are eager to capture or purchase slipstream capable ships to add to their fleet and hopefully reverse engineer.


An estimated 95% of Pariah’s population is made of cloned individuals, made by state-owned organisations such as the Roetgren Cloning Corporation. At the top of society, clones of the original elite which brought cloning technology continue to rule the planet. The number of these clones is low, as there is generally only ever two of each genetic set alive at a time- an older generation and a new one to parent. The clone elite occasionally have traditionally conceived children which form Pariah’s tiny middle class. Such people are usually those that directly deal with outsiders.

The rest of Pariah’s population is made up of fast developing clones from a handful of templates. All such clones are made one sex (female) to avoid uncontrolled population growth, and lead very brief childhoods. After birth each child develops in near complete isolation interacting primarily with a rudimentary teaching/training AI. This process last around 4 years, at which point with accelerated development they will have reached adulthood. At this point the clones are assigned to duty in agriculture, mining, manufacture, or the military. Some are ‘assigned’ to out of system work in exchange for items of importance to Pariah’s government, those clones are encoded with highly truncated lifespans.

Common types of clones

  • Soldier Models: Typically a short and sturdy yuong woman. She will have close croped hair and a steely determination in her eyes. The most common Model is the Roetgren Cloning Corporation Soldier model 2.
  • Mother models: Clones are not grown in tanks, oh no, there are specially engineered “mothers” who carry the clones to term. They are designed to have amazing stamina and health and are typically the longest lasting of all clone models.
  • Heavy duty clones: Clones designed for ardous labour, such as mining.

Technology Rating: 1
Environment Rating: 2
Resources Rating: 1

Slipstream Links:


  • Harness the power of the human computer
  • Clones are happy or decommissioned
  • Tense relationship with Zvitter


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