Purgatory’s only inhabited planet (named Revelation) was severely irradiated in a nuclear war some years ago, the winning faction was a theocracy based on human ascension through penance and mutation. A few pockets of heretics and remnants of other nations survive in remote areas, and hunting them is one of the chief pastimes of the Knights Atomic (the military arm of Purgatory’s theocracy). The Knights are also know for maintaining nuclear armed stations in a rather one sided conflict with Heorot.

Religion of Purgatory

The primary religion of Purgatory is Tairism, which preaches that suffering must be accepted. Tairists believe in reincarnation, specifically that in order to appreciate paradise, each soul must live through many lives of suffering. Only when a soul has experienced enough suffering will it be reborn immune to suffering and death and with the vision to build paradise.

Modern interpretations have largely assumed this last rebirth alludes to genetic mutation, and so the current theocracy’s preoccupation with the nuclear. According to the Theocracy, a devout Tairist must endure suffering, spread the word to others, and search the universe for the Reborn. Purgatory’s reputation for brutality stems from their belief that ultimately suffering and death cause no harm- in fact is the primary way in which to test for the Reborn.

Technology Rating: 0
Environment Rating: -2
Resources Rating: -1

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