The First

The First is the name given to the ancestor civilisation that originally inhabited the Shattered Ring cluster.

Throughout the cluster, the legacy of the First is plain to see. Their artefacts range from the mysterious cores of the Trawler-ships of Turbine, to the haunted ruins of Babylon, and of course the immense Sundered Ring itself.

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While it is certain that the First reached the Shattered Ring cluster many thousands of years ago (possibly using the mysterious starship Atlantis, although this is disputed by some scholars), their origins are mysterious. The faintest whispers of an earlier history are possible to discern in the cultures of the Cluster, but these do not offer conclusive evidence. However they arrived, The First spread through the worlds available. Their reign was clearly long, and their ultimate fate is the single greatest mystery of modern times.

The sheer scale and ambition of the Sundered Ring, their most incredible project, speaks volumes about their knowledge and power. And yet the Ring is shattered, and the civilisation that could change star systems is nowhere to be found.

The First

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