• Brett Langford

    Brett Langford

    Celebrity ambassador and movie star
  • Fass


    Renegade Lensian scientist
  • Lady Diedra

    Lady Diedra

    Helium Lord of Turbine
  • Lord Tarsus

    Lord Tarsus

    Helium Lord of Turbine
  • RB3 (Rebecca Free)

    RB3 (Rebecca Free)

    Roetgren cloning line, Bodyguard Model 3
  • Terrent Crescent

    Terrent Crescent

    A native of a Micro-G environment, Terrent Crescent (surname adopted, last names are confusingly not used on Crescent) has traveled the cluster accumulating many enemies.
  • Zabrek Keppler

    Zabrek Keppler

    A young emissary from Tranquil to the Conference, Zabrek is torn between his home culture and the freedom of the Cluster