Gippath was born on Heorot to the house of Radagash. He was his parents’ only child. He was a shy boy, and struggled with his family’s expectations that he be gregarious and heroic. As he grew, he began to notice that his parents were disappointed in him, causing a crisis of confidence. This resolved itself when he first got behind the controls of a fighter ship – the thrill of flight was exhilerating and he showed great natural aptitude, boosting both his own confidence and his family’s confidence in him.

On his sixteenth birthday, his grandmother gifted him ownership of the Dragonfire, a starship heirloom of the Radagash house. Amidst growing pressure to take the helm and seek adventure, he sought any less challenging vocation – but nothing stuck. Piloting was his love, and there lay his fate. At eighteen years of age he took up the role of pilot aboard the Dragonfire, under the command of an adopted member of the house serving the Conference of Worlds.

Not long after beginning his career, Gippath noticed his captain discussing with a clone from Pariah that she was with child. The complex political issue was far over his head, and he actively decided to stay out of it. This may have been a mistake, as a Parian fleet attacked the Dragonfire over the issue. The pressure of combat on top of the guilt of not helping caused him to crack, and he made crucial mistakes that forced the ship to sustain heavy damage. Thanks to Ferrent’s noble efforts, the ship made it to the slipstream to Sekothai, where it could be repaired, but nothing could repair the damage done to his reputation.

Now, Gippath seeks to restore his good name among his family, and continues to serve under his captain. He owes a life debt to Ferrent, but it is friendship that keeps him in the small group.

  • Shy and demure
  • Love of piloting
  • Reluctant adventurer
  • Inherited the Dragonfire
  • Stayed out of Rebecca’s pregnancy issue
  • Cracked under battle pressure
  • Dragonfire saved by Ferrent
  • Met with disgrace
  • Seeks to restore his name
  • Sticks close by his friends
Rank 5 skills
  • Pilot (space)
Rank 4 skills
  • Aircraft
  • Energy weapon
Rank 3 skills
  • Close combat
  • Assets
  • Arts
Rank 2 skills
  • Brokerage
  • Gunnery
  • EVA
  • Computer
Rank 1 skills
  • Science
  • Alertness
  • Navigator
  • Archeology
  • Stamina
  • Military-grade pilot
  • Increased tach: Radagash starship, the Dragonfire
  • Use my skill: Assets
  • Laser pistol (Heorotian high quality)
  • Combat knife (Heorotian high quality)
  • Hand computer
  • Running shoes
  • Pilot license
  • Pressure suit (standard-issue)
  • Navigator certification + cluster map


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