Order of Tranquility

The Order of Tranquility has its headquarters on Tranquil, in the Jardin system. Its existence long predates the arrival of the Zvitter Consortium and the construction of the loathed plantations on Barley and Emmer, but it was only during the unrest that followed these developments that the Order came to any real power.

The Order of Tranquility espouses the use of weapons to defend the Jardin system and prevent outsiders from establishing a foothold there – “Jardin for the Jardinains” is the cornerstone of their philosophy. This is makes them radical extremists by the standards of Jardinain Culture, which is generally pacifist.

The headquarters of the Order on the hell-world of Tranquil are situated in gigantic crystalline hemispheres, almost wholly submerged the seas of liquid methane that swamp the rest of the planet. Inside these spheres, the Order develops its insidious bio-weapons and desperately tries to accumulate some political credibility.

The Order is ruled by the Elders of The Order of Tranquility.

Order of Tranquility

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